2013 Envelope — The Hamptons, Long Island AVA

We have not released a new vintage of this very special wine for nearly two years! Wait no more...The Envelope please...and this wine is Electric! The color, the aromas, the flavors, the textures all seem to pulse with vitality. Our 2013 Envelope is exotic, enticing, exciting and is all about paradox. A white wine with color...a white made like a red...a white with tannin and structure...a full-bodied, broad wine with moderate alcohol and a cleansing, juicy quality with full malo-lactic! This is fantastic stuff! Our 2013 Envelope is an intriguingly aromatic and an intoxicatingly delicious white wine. The flavors and aromas are reflective of apricots, peaches, honey, roses, lychees, brown spice, brown sugar, apple compote, minerals, butterscotch and dried papaya. This is nuts, (yes there are those flavors too) in this complex, inviting wine. Made from 53% Chardonnay, 29% Gewurztraminer and 18% Malvasia Bianca this is a dry, full-bodied white that has a gorgeous deep golden appearance. This is a balanced, long wine that would be delicious with corn, squash, smoked ham, duck and figs, quince paste and cheese, seeds, root vegetables and caramelized flavors. All the fruit was hand-harvested from our home farm in Bridgehampton and was gently de-stemmed, crushed by foot and fermented on its skins. The wine was all co-fermented (all with wild/ambient yeast) for 14 days on its skins after which the wine was bucketed out and pressed off then put in 45% new oak and 55% old/neutral oak (4-year-old) where the wine spent 24 months before it was bottled by gravity on November 13th 2015. Only 108 cases of this very special wine were produced. 4 bottle max per customer.

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2015 Ramato — Long Island AVA

Ramato is a special skin-fermented white wine, or what many are now calling "orange" wines. Ramato refers to the old Friulian-style of fermenting Pinot Grigio on its skins, thus creating a coppery-colored wine. All the Pinot Grigio fruit (from both our home farm in Bridgehampton and the Mudd West Vineyard on the North Fork) for our Ramato was hand-picked, handled minimally, fermented on its skins (with wild /ambient yeast) in small bins (for 16 days) and raised in older French and Slovenian oak for eighteen months. Not only is the wine alluring and delicious to smell and taste but our Ramato possesses and absolutely gorgeous color to admire...somewhere between deep electric orange and copper. There are aromas and flavors of honey, brown spices, dried apricots, pear skin, tropical citrus, baked apples, coriander and peaches. The wine has balanced acidity, only 12% alcohol, medium-plus body and great persistence of flavor on the finish. This dry, exotic, textured and aromatic wine falls somewhere between a white and a red but does not fit neatly into the pink category. Pair our Ramato with hard cheeses, charcuterie, fish, chicken and pork preparations that include spices, nuts, grains or squash. Exotic, lightly spiced and earthy foods will work marvelously with this wine. Our 2015 Ramato will also be a great addition to the table year-round with its cornucopia of savory and sweet aromas juxtaposed by dryness and complex texture. This is an exceedingly delicious and exciting wine that yearns to be seen, smelled and tasted. Drink this wine now at cellar temp in large glasses and over the next six plus years. 152 cases were produced. 6 bottle max per customer.

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2014 Meditazione

Meditazione is an exotic, delicious, non-traditional skin-fermented white blend initially inspired by the "Vino da Meditazione" wines in the Friuli region of Northeast Italy. Some now like to call this style of wine "orange" or "amber" due to their deep golden, orange, amber hued tones the wines take on after contact with the skins of the white grapes. This is our ELEVENTH vintage of this wine and we are thrilled that the following for our Meditazione by consumers, the press and sommeliers has soared. This is a style of wine that is ancient yet only relatively recently revived and touted and appreciated again in the wine world. Indeed the color of these wines are darker than other whites due to the skin maceration, ours has a beautiful rich, deep golden almost red inflected hue. Our 2014 Meditazione is comprised of 36% Pinot Grigio, 21% Muscat Ottonel, 14% Chardonnay, 13% Tocai Friulano, 7% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Pinot Bianco and 4% Gewurztraminer. All the fruit for our Meditazione was hand-harvested from our estate in Bridgehampton and the Research Vineyard on the North Fork. The fruit was de-stemmed and the grapes were fermented together wild/ambiently on their skins for nineteen days in one-ton open-top fermenter bins. Raised in 29% stainless steel barrels, 10% new and 61% neutral French and Slovenian oak puncheons barrels and hogsheads for 23 months; this is a textured, aromatic and delicious white wine that appeals to both the senses and the intellect. Our 2014 Meditazione is dry, medium bodied, on the low side of moderate alcohol (12%) and possesses juicy acidity. The flavors and aromas are exotic, concentrated, penetrating and complex. They remind one of chamomile tea, citrus and apple blossoms, fresh and dried apricots, pear skin, brown baking spices, white yellow and orange flowers, peaches, honey, caramel and dried mango. The fruit spectrum runs the gamut from herbal to citrus to stone to tropical! This rich wine has sex appeal and a long persistent finish. The 2014 Meditazione is complex, full of deliciousness, long, lingering, sweet on the nose, savory on the palate, intoxicating, paradoxical, irresistible, and still just a baby! This wine ages effortlessly for a decade plus and we have rarely made this much that we can send out to our beloved Wine Club and still have more for you to cellar away! Drink our 2014 Meditazione with game birds (squab, quail), pork belly, sausages, aged alpine cheeses and fish, poultry and pork dishes containing nuts, seeds or squash. It will also be excellent with veal Marsala and items with sherry sauces. Do not over chill this wine as it will mute the flavors and try thinking about it more in the context of a red wine (in fact pour it in a large glass) to releases the amazing aromas. 503 cases were produced. 6 bottle max per customer.

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2015 Ribolla Gialla

We are very excited to offer you a new vintage of Ribolla Gialla! 

Ribolla Gialla is an ancient white grape variety most often found in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. This delicate, floral, high acid white grape has documentation back to the 13th century in Friuli. Known as Rebula in Slovenia and likely Robola in Greece, this variety has been celebrated for hundreds of years. There is very little grown in the United States...with most of the bottling's originating from George Vare's vineyard in California. We grow a small plot here on our farm in the Scuttlehole and Brick Kiln vineyards. This is a small production wine, there are only 122 cases and this Ribolla has a great deal of charm and personality so it likely won't stick around. Our 2015 Ribolla is an aromatic and textural delight. Hand-harvested and fermented on its skins (for 15 days) like a red wine, this wine displays a polished golden color and offers aromas and flavors of yellow peaches, lemon curd, apricots, yellow plums, apple skin, white flowers and salty minerals. There is a bit of grip and the wine offers great balance of fruit, light skin tannins, zippy acidity and moderate 12% alcohol which makes this wine amazingly spry on its feet for all the complexity. Our 2015 Ribolla Gialla spent about eleven months in older neutral oak barrels. This wine offers boundless opportunities at the table from local fish and shellfish to fall &winter veggies including squash, parsnips, cauliflower and pumpkin to lighter white meats like pork and veal. Journey and explore with this is fun, delicious and a little bit like Jazz. 132 cases produced. 6 bottles max per customer.

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