2013 Sculpture Garden

This is the fifth year that our Sculpture Garden is grown and produced as a true field blend. This beautiful ruby red wine consists of 91% Merlot, 6% Teroldego and 3% Blaufränkisch. All the varieties were grown together in our Sculpture Garden vineyard (the oldest on the South Fork, planted in 1982 & 1987), picked together and fermented wild together.   All the fruit was hand-harvested, de-stemmed but not crushed, stomped on by foot and punched down by hand. The wine went through a natural malo-lactic fermentation and was raised in older French oak barrels for 24 months. The wine was handled minimally (only racked once) and was bottled by gravity with no filtration. The wine may throw sediment over time and we would recommend decanting after several years in the bottle. While delicious now this wine will improve wonderfully for six to eight years and drink well for a decade plus. Our 2013 Sculpture Garden smells of ripe red and black fruit and is awash in aromas and flavors of black raspberry, black plum, red & black cherry and purple flowers in addition to some smoke, wet stones and cinnamon notes. There is an underlying earthy minerality and touch of bacon and brown spice in this seductive and complex red wine. The wine is dry and retains a medium body, moderate alcohol and balanced acidity. The wine reflects the warm 2013 growing season with ripe fruit coupled with juicy acidity, medium body and youthful tension which beautifully expresses our maritime climate with its savory rather than sweet palate and elegance that is alluring. There is always a silky, smooth, supple quality to our Sculpture Garden and the great length is complemented by a textural, aromatic and flavor complexity, whose qualities truly improve with age! When feeling more formal pair this wine with Long Island duck, lamb chops or a prime rib roast and when you're in a more casual mood match with rich meaty pastas, burgers and grilled fatty fish. 188 cases produced. 4 bottles max per customer.

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2014 Mosaico

We are thrilled to release the next vintage of our delicious white wine Mosaico. Mosaico is an exotic field blend that comes from a complanted block in our Sylvanus vineyard on our estate in Bridgehampton. Our 2014 Mosaico is comprised of 32% Pinot Grigio, 29% Chardonnay, 14% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Muscat Ottonel, 7% Tocai Friulano and 8% Gewurztraminer. This is a dry white wine where all the varieties were grown, harvested, pressed and fermented together in a stainless steel tank (56%) and new (20%) and older oak barrels (24%).  All the fruit was hand-picked and whole cluster-pressed, except for a couple of bins of the Muscat and Gewurztraminer grapes as well as coupe of bins of all the varieties, which were fermented ambiently/wild on their skins and blended back in (37% on skins). This is a texturally delicious and aromatically unique white wine. The color is a beautiful golden tone with a touch of amber from the skin- fermentation. The flavors and aromas are complex and deep and range from citrus fruit (lemon), tree fruit (pears, apples), stone fruit (peaches, apricots), and tropical fruit (pineapple, mango, lychee)...in addition there are beautiful notes of flowers, honey, brown spices and saline minerality. The wine is medium-bodied, the alcohol and acidity are balanced and the finish is long, clean, persistent and delicious. The 2014 Mosaico spent 18 months on its lees and was bottled by gravity on April 1st, 2016. Try this wine with all manner of fish and shellfish dishes as well as vegetables, chicken, pork or veal sausage and white meats that incorporate exotic and/or aromatic seasoning and spices. Our 2014 Mosaico is delicious now and will offer great drinking opportunities over at least the next five to seven years as our past vintages of Mosaico have been aging effortlessly for 5-8 years. Only 378 cases were produced of the 2014 vintage. 6 bottle max per customer. 

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2015 Cabernet Franc – Mudd West Vineyard, North Fork of LI

The last time we made a red wine from Cabernet Franc was 2001! So this has been a long time coming and we are quite excited. Cabernet Franc is a red grape very well suited to our Long Island terroir. We have made delicious, gulpable rosati out of it for years and are jazzed about occasionally offering this grape as a red wine with all the wonders that it brings to the table and to our glasses. Our 2015 Cabernet Franc is a treble clef, alive, high-toned and happy wine! Beautiful, melodic aromas and flavors of bright red fruit, raspberries, cherries, plums and purple flowers coupled with a faint herbal note, silky textures and a wonderful lightness of being make this wine irresistible. Comprised of 93% Cabernet Franc and 7% Merlot from the North Fork this wine was hand-harvested, de-stemmed, crushed by foot and punched down by hand and shovel. The wine was fermented wild/ambiently and spent 8 months in older oak. Our 2015 Cabernet Franc was handled minimally and bottled by gravity on June 17th, 2016. This wine will pair fabulously with charcuterie, light meat dishes, grilled fish and vegetables, pastas, wood-fired pizzas and most anything coming from a pig! This wine is hard not to drink immediately however it will continue to evolve in the bottle for the next five years or so. 113 cases produced. 5 bottle max per customer.

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2013 Blaufrankisch – Mudd West Vineyard, North Fork of LI

We are always very happy to release a new vintage of our lovely Blaufrankisch. Over the years this variety has proven its affinity with our climate and we love to use it both as a blending grape and as a varietal bottling. Our 2013 version is comprised of 76% Blaufrankisch and 24% Dornfelder.  The 2013 wine has a dark ruby-red colored rim with purple inflections and an opaque core. The aromas and flavors are full of black raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry, lavender, violet, a resiny savory spice and smoked meat/game. This is a dry, supple, sexy wine with Burgundian texture and great concentration. We picked ripe, healthy, beautiful grapes and de-stemmed them in a bin. The alcohol is moderate, the acid is juicy and balanced; the tannins are present but soft and the wine offers a great deal of pleasure and a long delicious finish. All the fruit was hand-picked from the Mudd West Vineyard in Hallockville on the North Fork, de-stemmed, fermented wild/ambiently, crushed by foot and punched down by hand in small one-ton bins. The wine spent 12 months in older oak puncheons, hogsheads and barrels. The wine was bottled by gravity without fining or filtration on October 31st 2014. Our 2013 Blaufrankisch Mudd West is a great match with wild game, venison, pork roasts, lamb burgers, beef stew, mushrooms, hoisin and would be delicious with pappardelle and wild boar ragu or any salted, cured porcine product! While delicious now this wine will be even better with 8-10 years more bottle aging, so pick up a few to taste along its evolution. 128 cases produced. 6 bottle max per club member.

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2016 Rosso Fresco – Long Island AVA

A new vintage of Rosso Fresco is out and we are stoked!  So we open the bottle, pour a glass...swirl, sniff, taste...and jot down, "Fun, Fresh, Delish and darn good!" These are the first words out when writing the notes about our new 2016 vintage of Rosso Fresco and have been for years. Rosso Fresco is an easy-going red blend whose varieties and proportions change with each vintage. The 2016 version is comprised of 33% Dornfelder, 27% Cabernet Franc, 15% Merlot, 13% Syrah, 6% Refosco and 6% Petit Verdot. There are high-toned aromas and flavors of red cherry, red raspberry, red plum, red current, spice and earth  This dry red wine is medium bodied, has moderate (12%) alcohol, balanced acid, very soft, silky tannins and a juicy persistent finish. Rosso Fresco is a playful, full-flavored, fun, friendly red wine that pairs well with pastas and just about any fish, fowl or four-legged food you serve with it. The 2016 Rosso Fresco has a Long Island AVA and is made from hand-harvested grapes from both the North and the South forks... All the grapes were de-stemmed, crushed by foot and punched down by hand. Our 2016 Rosso Fresco was fermented wild/ambiently, was not fined and filtered once. The wine spent eight months in all older oak barrels before bottling. Our 2016 Rosso Fresco is a very versatile red wine and will bring you year-round pleasure. The wine was handled minimally and bottled by gravity on May 17th 2017. Enjoy our 2016 Rosso Fresco at cellar temperature over the next two to four years. We bottled 398 cases of this yummy wine. (Last year's vintage of Rosso Fresco was recently featured by Eric Asimov in the New York Times list of 20 wines under $20.) 12 bottle max per customer.

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2015 Cuvee Tropical – North Fork of LI

This is an enchanting, exotically-fruited, exuberant white wine! Our 2015 Cuvee Tropical is alive with white peaches, yellow nectarines, golden apples, white flowers, pineapple, and that alluring grape scent from the Muscat as well as that undeniable saline minerality that runs through so many of our wines. This light golden colored white wine is dry, medium-bodied with moderate alcohol and possesses a juicy acid balance. The wine is comprised of 76% Chardonnay, 8% Pinot Grigio, 8% Muscat Ottonel and 8% Tocai Friulano. The Chardonnay is the special musque clone from the Mudd Vineyard and was fermented wild/ambiently in new oak hogsheads and puncheons (45%), old/neutral French oak barrels (9%) and stainless steel barrels (46%). The Muscat comes from the Mudd West Vineyard and was fermented on its skins wild, for 15 days, like a red wine and blended into the final wine. The Pinot Grigio and Tocai are from the Mudd West Vineyard on the North Fork as well. This is a delightful, gregariously aromatic, satisfying, jewel-like white wine. The 2015 Cuvee Tropical is delicious on its own or as a match with mildly spicy foods and Pacific Rim flavors. The Cuvee is also at home with shellfish (raw or cooked), white-fleshed fish and fresh cheeses. Our Cuvee Tropical is always comfortable with a variety of world cuisines from Japanese to Indian to Mexican to Caribbean to Spanish and back to American, so we encourage experimentation. We made 276 cases of this wine and it was bottled by gravity on August 16th, 2016.  A final note...please do not drink this wine too cold - instead consume after just a few minutes in the fridge as to encourage its jovial, playful, perfumed personality. Cheers! 12 bottle max per customer.

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2016 Sylvanus Petillant Naturel

Oh yes we did...AGAIN!!! A pet-nat from our classic field blend Sylvanus! Everything was grown, picked and fermented together...just like in Sylvanus our still wine. This is a joyous, sparkling reflection of the Sylvanus vineyard in the 2016 vintage! This is a flavorful, juicy, brisk and aromatic bubbly that will provide lots of smiles and tons of enjoyment. Great treble tone lift from the Muscat grape. In addition this wine is light in alcohol, super satisfying and mouth-watering.

Created from 50% Pinot Grigio, 40% Muscat, 10% Pinot Bianco. Only 378 cases produced.  One case max per customer.

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2014 Research Cab – North Fork of Long Island

Research Cab is a very special wine that generally only our Wine Club gets to enjoy since it is made in such small quantities. Born out of a long standing relationship with a "Research" vineyard on the North Fork we fashion a deliciously expressive wine out of what is essentially a field blend of many different varieties. Our 2014 vintage is comprised of 46% Merlot, 22% Pinot Grigio, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot, 3% Blaufrankisch, 3% Pinot Noir, 3% Zweigelt, 2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Dornfelder, 1% Muscat, 1% Barbera, 1% Syrah, 1% Sangiovese, 1% Malbec, 1% Teroldego. All the fruit (red and white) for this wine was harvested by hand, de-stemmed, stomped on by foot and punched down by hand. After primary fermentation the wine was racked to all neutral French and Slovenian oak barrels where it spent twenty months. The wine was only moved (racked) once and 198 cases were bottled by gravity on June 3rd, 2016. Beautiful clarity and a deep ruby red hue coupled with pronounced aromas of red and black raspberry, cherry, black plum, dark bramble fruit, spice, purple flowers, earth and wet stone are met with an elegance of texture and a supple, smooth silky palate with enough underlying tannic structure and juicy acidity for the wine to develop and improve in the bottle. This is a young wine and while delicious already, will easily improve in the bottle for the next 8-10 years. Since it is hard to resist now we recommend splash decanting the wine before you plan on consuming it! Pair this luscious, tasty red with Long Island duck, herb crusted lamb chops, beef and pork roasts or mushroom and grain based dishes. But there isn't much 2014 Research Cab to go around...first come first served, sorry...so don't tell too many people and be sure to take advantage of the six bottle max sooner than later! 

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2016 Rosato di Syrah - Mudd West Vineyard

Pretty, elegant and fine...mouth-watering with balanced 12.1% alcohol, light pink color...delicious red plum fruit, slate, spice, black raspberries, lilacs, violets, pepper and minerals...long and persistent...very versatile, goes with just about anything! Deceptively fleshy...Inviting and comforting. 368 cases made.

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2016 Rosato di Sculpture Garden - Sculpture Garden Vineyard

Our blended rosato; and not just a blend, but a field blend-where everything was planted, grown, picked, processed and fermented together. Ruby pink hue...Merlot based but with a wild edge including bramble fruit and spice emerging from the Blaufrankisch and Teroldego ...black fruit, black plum, black cherry, blackberry and wild blueberries, floral, herbs and spices...cleansing acidity, great balanced 12.9% alcohol, beautiful texture...persistent length, rich and light simultaneously... complex and structured...super versatile at table...from tomatoes Provencal to grilled ribeye to local bluefish. 298 cases made. 

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2016 Rosato di Refosco - Home Farm Vineyard

Our Refosco is always a wonderfully surprising Rosato... gorgeous ruby/pink color, sweet wild red and black fruit character... sexy, exuberant and most importantly, fun! This is a mouthwatering, crisp (highest acid profile of all the rosati), balanced alcohol at 11.5%, and DRY rosato... alpine wild strawberries (fraise des bois), ripe wild blackberries, black raspberries and other bramble fruit... SPICY... also floral, citrus and mineral notes... lengthy finish. Match this delicious pink wine with prosciutto and melon, charcuterie, fricos, fish salads or tacos, pastas, porchetta, poultry and grilled seafood. 335 cases made.  

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2016 Rosato di Merlot

Plump and jovial! An ode to versatility...light coppery, pale salmon pink color...alluring, playful, aromatic, and quite gulpable...red raspberries, strawberries, red apple skin, red cherries, spice and minerals...persistent finish, great character and a wonderful zing....Beautiful texture, dry, moderate 12% alcohol...pair this wine with almost anything...tomatoes and mozzarella to hanger steak with chimichurri sauce or charcuterie.1208 cases made.  

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2016 Rosato di Franconia - Sylvanus Vineyard

Juicy, medium-bodied, refined...quite pale color, onion skin...super fragrant aromas of pink grapefruit, golden raspberry, tart cherry, red/yellow peach, salty minerality...swelling texture, dry, balanced 12.9% alcohol and a touch of spice! Pair with charcuterie, light fish preparations, pastas and summer vegetables! 398 cases made.

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2016 Rosato di Cabernet Sauvignon - Mudd Vineyard

Grapes from some of the oldest vines planted (in 1975) on Long Island! Beautiful jewel-like, deep pink/purple color...cassis, black raspberry, black cherry, black currant, spice and flowers...Plump, delicious, inviting, balanced (12.8% alcohol), juicy and persistent wine...wonderful fruit intensity, a clean, satisfying finish...Match with smoked fish and fare from the grill; beef, lamb, chicken, pork, BBQ, lobster, sausage, tuna, vegetables, and mushrooms as well as mildly spicy food, especially Mexican and Thai preparations. 518 cases made. A few magnums also available! 

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2016 Rosato di Cabernet Franc

Crisp, medium-bodied, elegant...Coppery, very pale salmon hue...Light and ethereal...Beautiful floral notes, raspberry, watermelon, currant, saline minerality, green plum, light red fruit and citrus profile. ....raw bar, shellfish, local fluke and flounder, sushi, ceviches, fresh cheeses and fried foods. 12.5% alcohol.  1228 cases made. Limited Magnums also available! 

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Over & Over-Variation 9 - Long Island AVA

This is a ridiculously fun, fascinating and delicious red wine! There are people in the world making red wines with a ripasso method and there are people in the world using a solera system of blending for some red wines but we know of no one, other than us, who have put both together to create a distinctive and tasty red wine. It all began with four barriques of 2004 Merlot that was taken out of barrel and re-passed over the fresh 2006 Merlot and Dornfelder fruit. The wine underwent another primary fermentation and was racked to barriques, hogsheads and puncheons where it underwent another malo-lactic fermentation. Half of the wine was taken and bottled after ten months in oak, and this was Variation One. The other half remained in barrel until the next harvest where it was re-passed over the 2007 Merlot, Syrah and Dornfelder fruit. It was all repeated and we bottled half as Variation Two. We did this again in the 2008 harvest and bottled Variation Three. This happened to Over and Over again in 2009 for Variation Four and again in the beautiful, warm, dry 2010 vintage for Variation Five. Took a year off and the wine spent the time in barrel during the 2011 vintage, then we re-passed the lot again over the 2012 vintage for Variation Six and again in 2013 for Variation Seven and again in 2014 for Variation Eight and yet again in 2015 for this Variation Nine!!! This wine has undergone ten primary and ten malo-lactic fermentations and has in it memories of the 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 harvests. We WILL continue to do this over & over.

Variation Nine is a bit brighter with deeper, darker fruit than past examples and there is a purity of red and black fruit expression coupled with an integrated oak component this year that is remarkably sexy and alluring. Violets, black raspberries, black pepper, black cherries, red plums, prunes and brown baking spices are the primary descriptors that come to mind in this well-balanced, dry, medium-bodied and seamless red wine. This is the most pure and polished variation of this wine yet. Delicious, long complex flavors and textures fill one's mouth and mind. The finish is persistent and shows great complexity and intermingling of both the mature secondary characteristics and its youthful attributes. This is a wine that reflects the old and the new, the North and the South, the warm and the cool and provides us with something entirely different to experience and think about. Drink this musical wine with all manner of game birds, fatty fish, pork, veal, lamb, grains, mushrooms and root vegetables. 168 cases produced. 6 bottle limit per customer. 

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2014 Tocai Friulano - Sylvanus Vineyard

We are excited to offer you the new vintage of our Tocai Friulano from our home farm in Bridgehampton from the Sylvanus Vineyard. We are one of a couple producers growing and making Tocai Friulano on the East End of Long Island, and one of only a handful in the United States who offer two distinct vineyard-designated Tocais.  Our Sylvanus Vineyard Tocai was harvested by hand, whole cluster-pressed and fermented and raised in 44% stainless steel barrels and 56% older French and Slovenian oak for ten months. This white grape is native to the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Northeast Italy and our version offers wonderful aromas and flavors of green and yellow apples, white grapefruit, marcona almonds, minerals, talc, Asian pears and spice. Our Tocai is pale straw in color with gold/green reflections, the wine is bone dry and possesses a medium body, moderate alcohol, juicy acidity and great persistence on the long flavorful finish. Our Tocai has a great mouthfeel and manages the very gratifying textural paradox of a light, fresh, aromatic wine with a weighty, fleshy, fluidity that is just delightful. Our 2014 Tocai Friulano Sylvanus Vineyard was bottled by gravity on July 10th, 2015 and enjoyed the benefits of time in the bottle before release! This is the quintessential prosciutto wine and also works well with other salumi and fresh cheeses, fricos, pastas and risotto, white fleshed fish dishes and our local clams (in pasta, casino, baked, raw and on a pizza!) We hope you enjoy this delicious and unique white wine. Beware of over chilling the wine and muting the aromatics and enjoy this wine during the next one to three years.  348 cases produced. 

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2016 Rosso Petillant Naturel

75% Petit Verdot 19% Refosco 4% Merlot 1% Syrah 1% Cabernet Franc

Dry and juicy, light ruby red color...Super bright aromas and flavors of red cherries, deep red watermelon, raspberries and red plums. Red wine structure with slight tannins apparent. Will be irresistible with pasta, lasagna, burgers, chops, ribs, BBQ and of course PIZZA! 11.0% alc. 216 cases produced. Make sure this is very cold before opening to avoid a bit of foaming! 

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2016 Rosato Merlot Petillant Naturel

100% Merlot 

Gorgeous pale pink-salmon color. Intoxicating aromas and flavors of cherry, plum and watermelon accompanied by our telltale minerality. Dry and delicious, great texture and balance as well as luxurious feeling bubbles. Super versatile and can go with just about anything. This one likes to foam over more than the others...so please make sure to ice it down for thirty minutes before opening and have your glasses and your senses ready!  10.5% alc. 186 cases produced.  

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2016 Tocai Friulano Petillant Naturel

100% Tocai Friulano

Straw colored with green inflections. Beautiful balance of bubbles, acidity and slight sweetness. Just dynamite flavors and aromas of grapefruit as well as pears and salty minerals. Super match for fritto misto and fish & chips and Fricos. Great with fresh cheese and salads. And charcuterie is a match made in heaven for this wine. Watch out this wine goes down really, really easy! 9.5% alc. 256 cases produced

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