Allison Dubin, Partner/General Manager

Allison Dubin, Partner / General Manager

Allison Dubin was born and raised in New York City, and on the East End of Long Island. Her parents encouraged creativity and exposed her and her sister, visual artist Mindy Dubin, to good food and wine at an early age, laying a foundation for a life obsessed with culinary and oenophilic hedonism! Allison started acting in NYC as a child, and spent many years working in the theater, including founding and running the not-for-profit company, The Momentary Theatre, with husband, partner and now winemaker Christopher Tracy. Allison has acted in, written, directed and produced a variety of theatrical events in New York, the United States, and around the world. Her producing work also includes news, internet and large scale events. In addition, Allison has also worked in PR for visual arts, including two years with artist Robert Indiana. She also spent several years reviewing restaurants in New York, and has traveled extensively for food & wine. Allison is a graduate of The Dalton School in New York and of Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Allison is thrilled to be at Channing Daughters Winery where she is now a partner in the company and the General Manager. She first came to the winery in 1999 as a member of the wine club and then as a member of Team Merlot-her first winemaking adventure. Allison is proud to be a part of this challenging, creative and quality-driven team that is Channing Daughters, of being a full-time resident of the East End of Long Island and mother of Cooper, Twyla and Talula.  She is a student of yoga and also serves on the board of the Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater in Sag Harbor.