March 2013

The Wine Front Review Channing Daughters Wines

Based in Bridgehampton, in Suffolk County, the oldest AVA in New York State. This vineyard was planted mid-90s, with some planting continuing to the late 1990s. Christopher Tracy is the winemaker. It’s a very maritime, very cool region with snow in winter and breezes off the ocean; both mitigators of growth. Planted predominately to Italian...

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Orange Wines Will Never Be Mainstream

But a case for why they’re more than a dying trend.

The explosive popularity of so-called orange wines among trendsetting sommeliers has been questioned of late. Critics dismiss them as faddish, extolled for their novelty, rather than their quality. Yet, despite all of the hype (both pro and con), the jury’s still out for the majority of American wine drinkers, as they’ve never tasted them.

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