August 2017

Channing Daughters: No frills, no hype, just darn good wine

The New York winery avoids silly names and cutesy labels, but its products are splendid to drink.

You may have seen them already – I’ve seen them at Whole Foods, they’re showcased at Leroux Kitchen and Browne Trading Company on Commercial Street in Portland, as well as at RSVP out on Forest Avenue. The labels aren’t adorned and might be easily glossed over at a casual glance. They simply tell you the name of the wine, the grapes therein, the year, and how many cases were produced. The labels feature no cute, furry creatures, and the wines do not get seductive names (I recently saw a wine called Ravage. Really?!?). These bottles are simply and honestly labeled. They are interesting and delicious. These are the wines of Channing Daughters.

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—Bryan Flewelling