2012 Refosco - Home Farm Vineyard

What can we say…Long Island Refosco has arrived! Since 2009 we have fashioned a beautiful rosato from our Refosco grapes, but in 2012 a section of the vineyard produced grapes that seemed to yearn to be made into red wine. It wasn’t a lot. Just enough to fill up two old hogsheads. But we did it and we are quite excited, and now you can taste the results. Refosco is a black grape variety native to Friuli-Venezia Giulia. We are the only winery on the East End growing and producing this variety. Our version smells and tastes of red and black stone fruits, dark berries, minerals, spice and flowers. As usual all the fruit was hand-picked, stomped on by foot, fermented in small one ton bins, punched down by hand and raised in older oak for thirteen months. The 2012 Refosco was bottled without fining or filtration on November 22nd, 2013. This is a tasty, juicy, exciting, invigorating red wine. Enjoy with roasts, braises, all things porcine, mushrooms, grains, duck and richly sauced fatty fish dishes. Only 58 cases were produced so do not wait…it will not last.