2017 Rosato Merlot Petillant Naturel

This is again quite an exciting release offering as our sparkling wines have quickly become quite dear to us and our members. Although these wines are limited, quantities continue to grow as we expand production every year. In fact this year we have made ten, yes 10, different pet-nats, so hopefully we will have them available throughout the year(the Gewurztraminer was already released in December), released a couple at a time as appropriate to the season. The wines we have produced are part of an ancient tradition and are made in a process known as "Methode Ancestrale" and the wines are often referred to as Petillant Naturel or Pet-Nat's. This is how it works...we hand harvest the grapes, whole cluster-press them and settle the juice. We started wild/ambient fermentations in small stainless steel tanks and watched the ferments very carefully until they were at their tail-end. Then we coarsely filtered the wine and bottled it (with no sulfur dioxide or stabilization) in sparkling wine bottles closed with a crown cap to contain the carbon dioxide being given off by the continuing fermentation in bottle, trapping the gas in solution and making the wine sparkling. The wines are also not disgorged like traditional method sparklers and Champagnes...so you will see some sediment in the bottle from yeast lees and tartrate crystals. This is part of the charm, rusticity and deliciousness of this style of wine.  Embrace the slightly cloudy nature when pouring out the end of the bottle...it is yummy (and arguably good for you), so bottoms up!

These wines are referred to as Petillant because sometimes there is a bit less pressure than in a bottle of Champagne. Ours contain just between 3-6 bar whereas Champagne and other sparkling wines have about six bar. We recommend you drink these Pet-Nat's very cold and suggest you drink them in larger white wine glasses as opposed to flutes to take advantage of their lovely primary aromas and delicately creamy mousse. We also suggest you drink these wines sooner than later. While they will develop beautifully and develop autolysis like Champagne from sitting on their lees, they are just too irresistible to not drink in their youth. Reminiscent of Prosecco and Moscato's and Champagne and Sparkling wines all at once our Pet-Nat's are delicious unique creatures that illicit tons of smiles and great pleasure.

While these really are just so good on their own, they are fantastic in cocktails and with so much food too. With the alcohol being quite moderate (8-12%) these also make fine companions at the Brunch and Lunch tables, you don't have to wait till the sun sets to crack these bottles. And don't forget the bottle opener...no need for a corkscrew with the crown cap closure! We really have had so much fun making and drinking (lots already) of these Pet-Nat's, so get what you can while they last and have as much fun as we are! Again we made TEN variations this year; four whites, five pinks and a red! Right now we are releasing the Rosato Merlot Pet-Nat so everyone can have a  pink, bubbly, festive, delicious and love filled (these bottles are bursting with LOVE) Valentine's Day!


2017 Rosato Merlot Petillant Naturel
100% Merlot

Gorgeous deep electric ruby pink color. Intoxicating aromas and flavors of ripe black cherry, plum and watermelon accompanied by our telltale minerality. Just a touch of sweetness, irresistibly delicious, great texture and balance as well as a lovingly luxurious feeling of bubbles. Super versatile and can go with just about anything. 10.5% alc. 220 cases produced. 1 case max per customer.